Aalborg Management Consulting Association

What We Do

Aalborg Management Consulting Association (AMCA) aims to bridge the gap between ambitious students at Aalborg University and leading companies within the consultancy industry or companies with graduate programmes. We facilitate events where our members gain valuable company and industry insights, along with learning practical skills, frameworks, and tools from our partner companies. Our events are the best-in-region place to network with ambitious students from various study programmes and employees from leading companies in Denmark, all of which help prepare our members for their future careers.

Why You Should Become a Member

You get the chance of working on real life problems given by our partner companies and learn about the tools, techniques and frameworks that they use to solve such cases.
You expand your knowledge about our partner companies and the industries in which they operate. You hear about their daily tasks, challenges and how they approach them.
You get to network with skilled employees from our partner companies and learn more about how they got their positions and how you can prepare for your future career.
You learn to collaborate with students from various study programmes which is a necessary skill for all graduates, and you expand your network with skilled and ambitious students.

Our Events

AMCA events centre around our mission to bridge gap between ambitious students and leading companies, and this is where we want to be the best in Aalborg.

The events are created in collaboration with our partners and the theme is always picked by the partner based on their competencies and what fits the audience in Aalborg.

At the events AMCA will provide free refreshments and food throughout the night, so the students and the partner can focus on the important things; getting better and networking!

Meet Our Partners