We at AMCA are very proud to have organised our very first event of the semester in collaboration with Aalborg University Business School – where participants were introduced to case cracking and solved a real-life business case to improve their problem-solving abilities to help them land their dream job.

After getting acquainted with AMCA, Jimmi Normann Kristiansen – Associate Professor from AAUBS – introduced students to the importance of case cracking and provided hands-on advice to participants about how to approach problems in organizations. Following this, students were familiarised with the case, and the diligent work began. Jimmi was eager to provide guidance on the way and support students to reach the best possible outcome: “We could ask Jimmi how to start. He was incredibly patient and helpful and explained how to approach the problem, so we really appreciated that”.

Soon, a short intermission allowed students to exchange experience and ideas – while expanding their network, grabbing a quick bite of sandwich, cake, or snacks, and admiring the spectacular venue. Shortly after, participants were back at their computers, and everyone was eager to continue solving the case. The tension began to mount as time was running out. The final touches were adjusted, and all eyes of the participants were directed onto Jimmi to find out about the solutions.An insightful presentation followed about the elaboration of the case and students received valuable information about how to approach organizational problems. Enthusiastic participants were happy to make comments: “The event was extremely interesting, and now we know a lot more about what we can expect when we go to an interview”. Besides, the expectations of attendees were met as well: “I decided to attend the event because I wanted to improve my case solving skills, as I did not have any prior experience and that is exactly what gained from the evening. I would highly recommend anyone else to come and join it.”

We at AMCA would like to thank all participants of the AMCA x AAUBS Case Solving Event for being proactive and thank Jimmi Normann Kristiansen for the outstanding organisation and valuable inputs throughout the whole event!

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We look forward to meeting you soon!

The AMCA Team – Lívia Lakatos