AMCA x Neas Energy is proud to have organised a successful event where participants competed in an interactive Energy Trading Game and received valuable insights into the energy industry.

After a short introduction to AMCA, students were familiarised with the Neas way of energy trading, followed by the detailed rules of the Trading Game and possible strategies to be used. Some students felt confident all along: “I figured out easily how the trading, the spot price, plus the supply and demand work, especially as I study Mathematical Economics and have seen this before”. Some leaned to play along the way: “Although, I did not know the platform, I have a background in Engineering working with strategy implementation, so it was interesting to see the ‘other side of my work’: I developed a strategy what I could practice using in real life!”

A short intermezzo at halftime allowed students to have snacks while networking with each other and sharing their experiences in a relaxed atmosphere. After the break, everyone was eager to continue completing in the second round. Utter silence fall to the room as everyone was concentrated and was trying to make necessary changes to their strategy. At 8 pm the game ended. Some cheered, some wished they would have done better and the winners were selected and received prizes as a courtesy of Neas. Enthusiastic participants were happy to make comments: “I made huge money on OTC trading in the second round, although, I lost quite a bit of fictional money on the capacity trading”. And all were satisfied at the end: “I would say the event was fun and I enjoyed trying out trading on the spot.” Everyone felt the event was useful: “I really enjoyed the event and it was great to interact with Neas Energy”

We at AMCA would like to thank all participants of the Energy Trading Event for being proactive, thank Neas Energy for the outstanding organisation and congratulate the winners for their excellence!

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The AMCA Team – Márton Kopp