AMCA x Salling Group is proud to have organized a successful workshop where participants discussed, debated and solved a real-life case centred around the future of online commerce and gained professional knowledge of the retail industry.

Quote of the day: “I loved that in AMCA’s workshop I could practice presenting to a management team of a company – such as Salling Group. In the university, we learn how to solve problems chronologically, but here I gained experience in how to communicate the problem in way that a company could solve it directly. That was a huge change of mindset!”.

We at AMCA would like to thank all participants of the E-commerce Case Workshop for being proactive, thank Salling Group and its employees, Jon Skålerud, Line Neergaard Kristiansen, Nikolaj Andersen for their valuable feedback and congratulate the winners, Kristian Goul Møller and Hodis Daniel Denis for their excellence!

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The AMCA Team