This was our first dinner event and it was organized in a collaboration with Deloitte Business Process Solutions. The partner was looking for students with backgrounds within Management Accounting, International Business and IT Management and the participants were chosen based on a motivational letter, academic performance, work experience and extracurricular activities. With limited number of seats, we hosted 18 guests excluding the 4 consultants from Deloitte BPS at Restaurant Helmut in Aalborg. The atmosphere was excellent and the guests were able to ask different kind of questions about the industry and the activities of Deloitte BPS. The evening was toped of at O’Learys Pub were the networking between participants and consultants continued more informally in the company of the Champions League.

Event satisfaction result 4,2/5

Participants statements:
“I am studying management accounting and therefore I am now very interested in Deloitte Business Process Solutions and the consulting industry in general.”

“Many of us from Cand. IT actually did not know that there was a career path for us in Deloitte BPS.”