“When management consulting creates change”.

Hildebrandt & Brandi was represented by Rie Grønbeck Bing and Kasper Wittrup. Rie is a Management Analyst and Kasper is a Management Consultant. After a brief introduction to the representatives and Hildebrandt & Brandi the students were introduced to different tools used by Rie and Kasper in their daily work. These tools were put to the test in a case where the students got to show their newly acquired skills. The event was wrapped up with a surprise from Hildebrandt & Brandi which was a free copy of the book ‘Topledelse Til Tiden’.

Event satisfaction result 4,2/5

Participants statements:
“Great Presentation. Impressive work that you have managed to do in such little time.”

“I don’t believe that you could have made it more attractive.”

“Great place of venue. Interesting Company. Great sandwich and casework.”