“Challenges in the life of a consultant”.

Our last event this semester was held in collaboration with one of the largest consultancies in Scandinavia, Implement Consulting Group. Their three representatives, including two formers AAU students provided examples on case they work and the tools they use. The consultants had developed a game about operation management which our members worked on with much passion. Despite the focus was on operation management there was a large diversity in the study fields of our members, who all contributed and worked on the case with a holistic view.

Event satisfaction result 4,5/5

Participants statements:
β€œA very interesting event with an informative and practical case and consultants who were very good at providing insights in their everyday work.”

β€œIt was a great combination of learning new skills and getting to know more about the consultancy industry and Implement. Both you [AMCA] and Implement did a great job by making this night useful and fun!”