Why You Should Become a Member


Each AMCA event is a possibility to learn something new and get a deeper insight in the business of consultancy. The events contain applicable skills which is not normally taught at the university, thereby giving you a head start compared to other graduates.


Before, during and after each AMCA event presents a possibility to network with not only other ambitious students, but also the representatives of the partner company, in which the event is held in cooperation with. Every AMCA event is followed by a networking session, where AMCA offers soft drinks, beer, wine, etc.


The events in AMCA strives to be educational and fun, we take learning away from the classroom and hope to nourish skills which cannot be, or are often not, taught in the classroom, and combine this learning experience with great people and a great atmosphere.


Being an AMCA member gives the possibility to extend my network, to meet people like-minded and motivated, but most of all gives me a chance to meet companies and learn from them, gain experience on my study area.
-- Marta P. Pico
It has been a brilliant opportunity for me to gain some more practically oriented skills that I would not typically get from studying at university. It also presents a fantastic opportunity for gaining a professional network containing like-minded ambitious young people from Aalborg.
-- Toby G. Somerset


AMCA events centre around our mission to bridge gap between ambitious students and leading companies, and this is where we want to be the best in Aalborg.

The events are created in collaboration with our partners and the theme is always picked by the partner based on their competencies and what fits the audience in Aalborg.

At the events AMCA will provide free refreshments and food throughout the night, so the students and the partner can focus on the important things; getting better and networking!


Is It Relevant to Me?

AMCA is relevant to all ambitious students who want to learn new skills, meet new people and hear more about the consulting business and industry leading companies with graduate positions. The consulting business is interdisciplinary and poses possibilities to everyone with the right mindset, in consulting there is a position for every type of background! The subjects of our events range widely – from case interviews and negotiation tactics to a roadmap on how to become a business IT graduate. Our events are a great place to network, not only with other students, but also with the consultancy firms, and thereby participating in the events may lead to bigger things.