“The road to becoming a business IT graduate”.

This event was organized in collaboration with Michael Kristensen, founder and former president of AMCA and current Business IT Graduate at Novo Nordisk. This event was aimed at students within IT Management as well as students with a general interest in Novo Nordisk. At this event, Michael presented valuable insights to Novo Nordisk as well as the process of becoming a Graduate including the application, aptitude test, business case and interview. Moreover, participants were involved in exercises throughout the event with focus on writing the perfect application and solving a business case. The event was as always wrapped up with a networking session.

Event satisfaction result 4,3/5

Participants statements:
“I already knew about Novo Nordisk in general, but a lot was elaborated, and I learned a bunch about the company, that I was unaware of before the event. In addition, I was really interested in everything that had to do with the graduate program, as I see it – and programs that are alike – as a possible future for myself”

“I have read about different Graduate Programs, but the attendance of an insider which have tried the application and program first hand made med very interested”