Why You Should Become a Partner

Our partners are key to our success in AMCA. It enables us to fulfill our mission, which is to bridge the gap between students who are eager to know and leading companies in Denmark. We aim to meet the needs of our members by facilitating events which makes new knowledge accessible and enables networking with interesting companies. They are able to connect with you as a partner through AMCA which allows them to communicate and connect with potential future employees.

Aalborg University’s Problem Based Learning has received increased recognition for its ability to deliver graduates who are used to problem solving, working with real cases in collaboration with companies, and working in groups. As an AMCA partner you get to brand yourself towards these students and meeting them if you host events in collaboration with us.


To attract the best graduates from Aalborg University, it is important to promote your company towards these. You can brand yourself to our members through our well established and trusted online channels, or by meeting them in person as addressed underneath. Depending on the type of partnership, AMCA will post your material on social media and send direct mails to our members, so we function as your communication medium.

Meet Ambitious Students

Our Silver and Gold Partners who host events in collaboration with us, will meet ambitious students with a desire to learn more about their company and industry. Our partners use our events to look for the best candidates and potential employees. We make it easy for you by arranging the entire event including facilities, catering, and promoting, so all you need to focus on is the event presentation and case you will present to our members.



It was a great pleasure for us to meet ambitious young professionals in Aalborg, at AMCA. Great involvement, positive spirit and active dialogue brought special dynamics to the MBTI training.
-- Anna Nesterova, Senior Consultant at Prokura
Our event with AMCA was a great success. AMCA was a very professional partner throughout the entire planning process, and on the day of the event. This will not be the last time we corporate with AMCA.
-- Janus Miller von Platen-Hallermund, Telenor


Being an AMCA member gives the possibility to extend my network, to meet people like-minded and motivated, but most of all gives me a chance to meet companies and learn from them, gain experience on my study area.
-- Marta P. Pico
It has been a brilliant opportunity for me to gain some more practically oriented skills that I would not typically get from studying at university. It also presents a fantastic opportunity for gaining a professional network containing like-minded ambitious young people from Aalborg.
-- Toby G. Somerset




Partnership Packages

  • 1 event incl. event logistics and promotion
  • Awareness package incl. 3 Facebook posts and 2 direct mails per semester
  • Full access to our member database
  • Present on our website

5.000 DKK

  • 1 event incl. event logistics and promotion
  • Full access to our member database
  • Present on our website

3.500 DKK

  • Awareness package incl. 3 Facebook posts and 2 direct mails per semester
  • Present on our website

1.500 DKK

Learn More

AMCA welcomes any approaches and we are always glad to explain more about our organization, events and members to potential partners or other relevant stakeholders. Please fill out the contact form with your questions or subjects you want to talk about. We aim to respond within 3 working days.

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