Last night we banded together with our partner H&B | Hildebrandt & Brandi at a strategy and board development session to explore new ways of bridging the gap between ambitious students and industry-leading companies.

Every organisation needs a strategy which H&B and we in Aalborg Management Consulting Association understands as a “coherent plan that shows how a company will use its resources in a certain way to achieve a favourable position in the future” (Michael Yaziji, Strategy professor at IMD). That is why we partnered up with management consultancy H&B who has provided professional consultancy on our strategy and key focus areas on an annual basis since 2015. At this current strategy and board development session, they helped us breaking down our established strategy to ensure proper implementation in the upcoming semester.

To begin the session, two professional consultants of H&B, Jesper Boelt and Rie Bing elaborated on why and described how a good strategy gives power and direction. In addition, they talked about why having a clear mission and vision is key to success. Next, Jesper familiarised us how we were going to work on our two strategic focus areas in order to implement significant improvements and to ensure that our strategy is translated into specific actions. At this part, being through the initial excitement, every board member felt that receiving such inspiring and professional assistance from consultants is one of the ways we benefit from being an AMCA Board Member as we get practical experience with strategic development.

Later, in a framework of a practical workshop, we were divided into two groups of AMCA Board Members to brainstorm new ways of ensuring that our members are connected with industry-leading companies the best way possible. H&B then facilitated us prioritising our initiatives based on an effort and effect-matrix to see which initiatives we plan on executing first and what our long-term goals are. Having our concrete ideas ready, H&B assisted us placing these activities into the annual cycle of AMCA.

After quickly getting past the exhaustion of a fantastic sushi dinner, we proactively assigned roles and responsibilities to the new initiatives we created. This marked the beginning of the second half of the session which was focusing on the inner workings of the Executive Board of Aalborg Management Consulting Association. During this part of the session, H&B helped us understating how every organisation needs to focus on teamwork when the strategy commits. Rie evaluated on team dynamics, team integration and team design as key elements concerning the team and shared leadership.

Nearing the end of the strategy session with H&B, we had another activity forming a joint group of every AMCA board member. We dived right into analysing how we work as a team. Based on this, we proposed new initiatives we could implement within the board to further professionalise our organisation and to ensure high board member satisfaction within AMCA.

To conclude this strategy and board development session with H&B, we had an evaluation of what has been said and a thorough round-off. During aftermath of the session, we had the pleasure of being guided through the impressive, yet cosy Aarhus Office of H&B. For a moment which felt like eternity, seeing this work-space made us fantasise about using our experience at AMCA as a stepping stone to push for a career at a striving consultancy like H&B. Every AMCA Board member took inspiration from how H&B works and from the intriguing insights shared by Jesper and Rie. Finally, we seized the opportunity to network with Jesper and Rie, thinking about the bright future these connections could help us achieve.