FAQ for students

We strive to organize 3-4 events per semester.

Most of our events are interactive, which means that you as a member will be asked to discuss and solve cases in groups provided by our partners. It provides an excellent opportunity to hone your skills and network with ambitious students and professionals alike. Furthermore, our partners usually have a presentation about a given topic where they share their valuable knowledge with you.

The data is only available to the executive board and our partners. All information will be treated confidential. 

As long as you have signed up to be a member then everything is free, and you can attend the different events. Just go to the page “Events” and sign up for each individual event that has your interest.

There will always be a light dinner e.g. sandwiches and different beverages. All of it is of course free for our members.

The executive board consists of students from different study programmes with diverse backgrounds, and you can apply when you have completed your 3rd semester.

It is always on weekdays, and in most cases it is on thursday evenings.

Based on your data, we try to plan events that are relevant to you. Additionally, it gives our partners the possibility to see if their are possible candidates among the members – e.g. if they are looking for someone specifically within supply chain management.

Normally, we hire once a year in february and marts. However, feel free to send us an unsolicited application all year round as we always look for motivated and driven students.